First step has been made

Ok, I guess I have a fair idea about what makes this blog tick. Have you stared your own blog yet? If not, remember that the hardest part is to find its direction. It should naturally flow on its own afterwards.
I have started by buying a domain and got it hosted. I also need time to develop it but now that I bought it.. I’ve got to act on it or it’ll be yet another good idea lost along with some money. Don’t you hate it when you lose money? The old “boot up” thing, it’s so actual with so many (if not all) of us.
So here I own a domain name and I am paying for it (Hugh, that’s got to make some people sweat). What now? Well, while I start on developing a website and take my time to play with colors and graphics (Did I tell you I am a programmer? Yeah, I am a teckie, right.) I got it parked. So here is an interesting concept: “Domain Parking”.
Believe me, getting the domain name is a tough job, it’s easier to decide what to do with your website afterwards, at least from where I’m standing.
So what is Domain Parking? You get the domain and, before doing anything, you put it to sleep? Well it certainly sounds like that. In a few words, you get the domain and direct it to a parking service that displays ads targeted to the activity you decide to use the domain for when you’re ready. Believe it or not, this brings in some revenue as people stumble upon you parked domain every day (oh you will be surprised. I know I was).
Here you go, domain parking brings in some dollars, maybe enough to pay for the hosting for the first year, while you bring yourself together and put up the best web site you can come up with, one step at a time.