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Vasilis Pasparas wrote an article on Quik-Find.com about PPC advertising and I felt it does a great job on summarizing the subject for us. I wrote Vasilis and he was kind enough to reply :

Dear Bogdan,
As i have told you over Yahoo Messenger today, i would like your comments on our PPC Article located at http://www.quik-find.com/ppc_tricks.html. Also i allow you to post it on your blog with any comments either form you or your users.

thank you, I really appreciate your comments

Regards Vasilis Pasparas High Speed Data Networks INC Lambi 85300 Kos Greece

Here is the original article:

The following information is presented to all internet marketers, webmasters, and SEO’s as a good solid foundation that we hope you can use to get the most out of all of your PPC marketing efforts … both here at Quik-Find.com, and at any other Pay Per Click search engine that you elect to invest your marketing budget into. In following our stated mission to clean up the PPC industry, we feel it appropriate to take every measure possible to educate and enlighten.

PPC Advertisers are good for the industry. You make more intelligent decisions, attain higher Returns on your Investment, and through your success, make the Pay Per Click model a viable one, both for the PPC operators, and for the advertisers. It is our hope that on this page, and the pages that follow you’ll take away at least one thing that will either save you money or make you money. Either way, we both win.

Incidentally, if you’re a casual search engine user/consumer, and not a Pay Per Click Search Engine client or marketer … you should read these articles as well. Knowing the way successful businesses operate and think will most certainly help you in making better, more informed buying decisions.

1. Choose your Weapon
There are now over 500 Pay Per Click Search Engines out there, all seeking your business. It’s important that once you have made the decision to use PPC as a marketing strategy, that you fine tune that decision into choosing which of the vast array of PPCs not only deserve your marketing dollar, but which ones are most likely to help you get the best return out of it.

2. Know your Prey
How well do you really know your target audience ? Nobody knows your business better than you, and nobody knows the type of person that’s likely to purchase your product or service better than you, right ? Wrong. Let’s examine some of the strategies that we have seen to work in not only properly identifying your real target audience, but in actually targeting them effectively.

3. Use the Correct Ammo
All keywords are not the same ! If you’re a veteran of PPC advertising, you probably have a stock list of keywords that you bid on (Throw that away, right now). If you’re new to this game, then welcome to perhaps the most important decision you’ll have to make during your PPC marketing effort: selecting the proper keywords for bidding. In this article, we’re going to debunk all of the myths and current “industry standards” for generating your keyword list, and hopefully open your eyes to the next generation of thinking in PPC Keyword Selection.

4. Shoot to Kill
So you’ve taken all of your time … nights, weekends & days off, and you have found what you consider to be the best search engines to market in, you have the best keyword list known to mankind, and have identified and targeted thousands of potential customers. And they’ve made it to your website. Job Well Done. Not exactly. Until you’re counting your profits, your job is not yet complete. Perfect Marketing doesn’t necessarily translate into profit. This is where the real work begins….turning your the visitors you have fought so hard to obtain into paying customers.

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