Ignite News

At the Ignite 2019 IT event, Microsoft launches a range of business solutions and services to help them better manage and use their data and automate some of the processes.

Here are some of the key new features released today at Microsoft Ignite 2019:

Azure Synapse Analytics, a new service that combines Azure SQL Data Warehouse capabilities with new enhancements that will help customers use their data faster and more securely, centralizing information from all data sources, data warehouses (data warehouse) ) and big data analysis systems.

Azure Arc preview is now available, offering Azure services and management to customers on other cloud platforms or infrastructures, including those offered by other cloud services.

Microsoft is also publicly launching a preview of a new automated process capability in Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) called UI flows, which allows users to transform manual tasks into automated workflows by recording and rendering human actions on software. which does not support API automation, with point-and-click experience. Thanks to this update, Power Automate is a complete end-to-end automation platform.

Power Virtual Agents, a service that will allow anyone to create a bot without writing code will help the specialists in the organizations to create the boxes using a guided graphical interface, which does not require writing code.

Project CORTEX – the first Microsoft 365 service since the launch of Microsoft Teams and an essential element of Microsoft’s vision to transform the knowledge and learning process of the company’s customers. This new tool represents a mix between an enterprise content organizer and a digital assistant, which provides employees with the information they need in the context of their own work processes.