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Stakeholder Mapping: A Guide to Identifying and Engaging Key Players

Stakeholders are important because they have a vested interest in the outcome of a project, business, or organization. Understanding and managing stakeholder interests and expectations is crucial for ensuring the success of a project, business, or organization. Stakeholders can provide resources, such as funding, labor, materials, and expertise, that are necessary for a project or […]

The Importance of API Management in Microservices Architecture: Why and How to Use It

As more and more organizations adopt microservices architecture, it becomes increasingly important to have a solid plan for managing APIs in this environment. This is where API management comes in. But what exactly is API management and why is it necessary in a microservices architecture? Simply put, API management is the process of overseeing and […]

API Management and the Service Mesh

API management excels on socialization and self-subscription of APIs while ensuring security across application boundaries. A Service Mesh is more about the internal routing and resilience patterns required within an application or domain boundary. Context There is both noise and religious positions around API Management and Service Mesh existence, co-existence, usage and interactions. Confusion around […]

API Management Architecture

Regardless of the type of API services your applications are built upon, and unless you still live in SOAP world and need a serious overview of technology and architectural decisions, your APIs are RESTful. Note that GraphQL is still RESTful at the base but let’s talk if you feel this needs more meat around the […]

What is subscription sprawl and why it matters

Provide consistent landing zones based on an application archetype subscription strategy to minimize subscription sprawl. Expand the definition of requisite components to better fit the governance and compliance needs of a cloud-mature enterprise. from: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-ca/azure/cloud-adoption-framework/ready/enterprise-scale/architecture The landing zone concept is not unique to a cloud provider but rather an essential concept that governs digital transformation […]


REST API and it’s management

For many front-end, back-end and integration developers, the REST API management is hazy. What does it include, what does it mean regarding the design of APIs? Our APIs are already visible over the internet, do we need this now? A developer would rather jump right away into GraphQL or just offer simple APIs generated from […]

Ignite News

At the Ignite 2019 IT event, Microsoft launches a range of business solutions and services to help them better manage and use their data and automate some of the processes. Here are some of the key new features released today at Microsoft Ignite 2019: Azure Synapse Analytics, a new service that combines Azure SQL Data […]

Azure Updates or Upgrades

One of the questions I had to come back to on several occasions is the difference between Azure Updates and Azure Upgrades and when do these happen. As an organization, it makes perfect sense to strive to be in control of the environment you operate in and moving to SaaS and PaaS does feel like […]


On Azure RM to Az and keeping the lights on

Chances are that, if you have started your journey to the cloud a while ago, and that’s not so long ago.. you already have IaaC – Infrastructure as a Code scripts and templates in place. I know I do and I know how important it is for Azure Cloud architecture and solutions to be maintained […]